Pan-African Forums

In 2020 and throughout 2021, IFRA, the Alliance française in Nairobi and The Elephant have been organizing webinars on Pan-Africanism to discuss its relevance for today’s imagination of Africa, as an idea and as a reality, and for acting in Africa and in the world. The Pan-African forums are moderated by Mshai Mwangola, a Performance scholar from the Orature Collective.

On August 17th our last forum on Panafricanisme will bring in an inter-generational discussion on what kind of activism is already in practice and is desirable for the future. It is also about what Pan Africanism looks like in the routine of our lives.

On June 29th this penultimate conversation of the Pan-African Forums will explore how activism of different kinds has catalysed, enriched, nurtured, sustained, and challenged the Pan-Africanist vision and mission through time.

On May 25th, follow the new Pan-African Forum on Education with Wandia Njoya (Kenya), Jennifer Tosch (The Netherlands), and Lewis Gordon (USA)

On April 27th, do not miss the PanAfricain Forum on new economic models for Africa with economist Kako Nubukpo and economic and feminist activist Crystal Simeoni.

Next 30th March 2021, follow the PanAfrican Forums on Feminisms with Amina Mama, Annette Joseph-Gabriel and Rosebell Kagumire!

On 23rd February 2021 the Pan-African Forums brought a discussion on language(s) with philosopher Souleymane Bachir Diagne and writer-critic Wangui wa Goro.

In Pan-African Forum 1 on October, 27th 2020, Brian Kagoro told us about his vision of PanAfricanism Today which you can listen to here (see also some earlier presentations Brian Kagoro made on this topic here)

Pan-African Forum 2 brought together three panelists: Zukiswa Wanner, Godwin Murunga and Brian Kagoro.

This activity is part of IFRA’s Decolonizing Knowledge program and follows suit its 2019-2020 activities on African intellectuels and thought.

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