Affiliated researchers

IFRA’s Researchers Network brings together scholars who work closely with IFRA, by participating in its research programs and other activities. You can get in contact with them through IFRA if needed.

Here are listed IFRA’s close Affiliated/Fellow Researchers:

Melvina Araújo Anthropology / Kenya

Fathima Azmiya Badurdeen Political science / Kenya

Bérénice Bon Geography / Kenya

Florence Brisset-Foucault Political science / Uganda

Bernard Calas Geography / East Africa

Bernard Charlery de la Masselière Geography / East Africa

Hélène Charton History / Kenya

Maïlys Chauvin Geography / Tanzania

Dominique Connan Political science / Kenya

Clelia Coret History / Kenya

Teddy Deluanay

Christine Deslaurier History / Burundi

Altaïr Despres Sociology, Anthropology / Tanzania

Yvan Droz Anthropology / Kenya

Stéphanie Duvail Geography / East Africa

Marie-Aude Fouéré Anthropology / Tanzania

Aude Franklin  (PhD) Anthropology / Uganda

Delphine Froment History / Tanzanie

Nathaniel Gernez Sociolinguistics / Tanzania

Yonatan N. Gez Anthropology / Kenya, Tanzania

Valérie Golaz Demography / Kenya, Uganda

Chloé Josse Durand Political science / Kenya

Antoine Kauffer Literature / Kenya

Inaya Khan History / Kenya

Remi Korman

Peter Lockwood Anthropology / Kenya

Cyrielle Maingraud-Martinaud Political science / Tanzania, Nigeria

Alexander Makulilo Political science / Tanzania

Eric Masese Anthropology / Kenya

Hervé Maupeu Political science / Kenya

Claire Médard Geography, Political science / Kenya, Uganda

Henri Medard History / Uganda

Yanis Mokri Archaeology/Kenya

Martin Mourre Anthropology, History / Senegal

Susan Waiyigo Mwangi History, Political science / Kenya

Eric Ndayisaba Sociology / Burundi

Marian Nur Goni Art history, Anthropology / Kenya, Somalia

Sam Owuor Geography / Kenya

Jean-Luc Paul Anthropology / Tanzania

Anne-Marie Peatrik Anthropology / Kenya

Sandrine Perrot Political science / Uganda

Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle Political science / Kenya

Olivier Provini Political science / East Africa

Sylvain Racaud Geography / East Africa

Gaëlle Rouille Geography / Kenya

Sina Schlimmer Political science / Tanzania, Kenya

Elisabeth Schubiger (PhD) Anthropology / Kenya

Christian Thibon History / Burundi, Kenya

Stone Wokuri



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