Decolonizing Knowledge

Picture extracted from “Les choses et les mots de Mudimbe”, a film-documentary on philosopher V.Y. Mudimbe by Jean-Pierre Bekolo (2015)

This research theme is concerned with the contexts, conditions and actors of the production and use of knowledge in social sciences, philosophy and art in relation to (East) Africa.

Pan-African Forums

IFRA, the Alliance française in Nairobi and The Elephant are organizing webinars on Pan-Africanism to discuss its relevance for today’s imagination of Africa, as an idea and as a reality, and for acting in Africa and in the world.

The series started in October 2020 and is underway until 2021.

The Pan-African forums are moderated by Mshai Mwangola, a Performance scholar from the Orature Collective.

Intellectuals from Africa and the Diaspora

Supported by a Fonds d’Alembert funding from Institut Français and other institutions, this program developed by IFRA-Nairobi aimed at promoting and giving visibility to the works and thought of Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Congolese philosopher Mudimbe. Round-tables, performances, reading workshops and a colloquium were organized in Goma, DRC by the Institut Français de Goma-Bukavu with the contribution of IFRA-Nairobi in June 2019 (see more here), and in Nairobi in December 2019 with collaboration with the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies of the University of Nairobi and the Alliance Française in Nairobi.

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