IFRA Membership

IFRA membership provides the following privileges:

  • Access to the library during opening hours; the library offers more than 15,000 books and 60,000 periodicals, more than 200 thesis, and thematic press reviews; librarians can assist you for the search for documents; digitalized documents and online platforms (e.g. JSTOR) are also accessible;
  • Use of services like photocopying, printing or scanning; temporary access to a computer;
  • Provision of an invitation/cover letter if deemed useful;
  • For French nationals, facilitation to obtain research permits in Kenya and Tanzania;
  • During research stays and on certain conditions, use of IFRA’s car based on our rent prices (for enquiry: info@ifra-nairobi.net);
  • Use of the conference room, upon availability, to organise a research event (research seminar or conference, book launch, etc.) for which IFRA may contribute to through communication and invitations.

Annual price of membership:

  • Junior or senior researchers (tenure-track or tenure): KHS 1000
  • Undergrads, Masters, PhDs, Postdocs:  KHS 500
  • IFRA’s affiliated researchers or affiliated students, and those who benefited from an IFRA research grant: Exempted (during the year of the grant only)

For further information, please contact info@ifra-nairobi.net or come straight to our offices.

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