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  • We partered with Alliance Française de Nairobi and Ketebul Music to organise a beautiful concert with 8 powerful female singers who use their music to adress political and societal issues. They awake the power of “We, the people” in their song. The concert was also the occasion to show the public the trailer of each singer’s interview. Full interviews are now available on Youtube here. Enjoy!
  • On October 21st 2021, the seminar “Kenya in Motion 2000-2020” was held to mark the publication of the book. Organised by Christian Thibon and Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle, the various researchers who contributed to the book spoke about their chapter. Decentralisation, urban-rural trade relations, cultural inheritance policies, water management and the forthcoming presidential elections in 2022 were all discussed. The whole conference was registered and you can find it here.

  • The film-documentary “Portraying Devolution in Kenya”, realized and produced by Chloé Josse-Durand and Laurent Gaillardon (48 mn, 2019) as part of IFRA’s research program “Devolution” (2018-2019). This documentary was granted a Grand Public authorization by the Kenya Film Board Commission. Teaser here.
  • 2 videos related to the research project “Intellectuals of Africa and the diaspora”. They are about Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiong’o and concern two events organized in Goma, DRC, at the Institut Français in June 2019: a round-table about Ngugi’s ideas on the use of African languages in literature and their relevance in today’s Africa, and the play “King Leopold’s Soliloquy” (by Mark Twain adapted by Jean-Pierre Orban).
  • An interview with Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiong’o by Maëline Le Lay, “Decolonizing the mind” (43 mn, 2019), realized by Maëline Le Lay and Gilbert Nyangor and produced by the French Embassy in Kenya.
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