IFRA Online Press Review

Stored archives at the McMillan Library in Nairobi, Kenya, 2019

IFRA’s press review database is available here: https://ifrapressarch.nakalona.fr

IFRA has built up a press review of East African newspapers since the late 1970s. The collection of more than 50,000 press cuttings is made up of Kenyan newspapers (Daily Nation, The Standard, The East African, Kenya Times), Ugandan newspapers (New Vision, The Monitor) and Tanzanian newspaper (The Guardian). 

With the support of the Institut Français, more than 12,000 pages of press articles have been digitised since 2016. This press review, hosted by the platform NAKALA (implemented by the TGIR Huma Num) is free to access. 

The archives are classified by themes: National and international politics (elections, political parties, personalities, public politics, etc.); Society (morality, civil society, religion, deviance, union, etc.); Economy (commercial policies, national and regional economy, urban planning, land use, etc.); Agriculture (farmers associations, union, crops, etc.)….

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